Our completed arcade machine!

Course - ME218A - Smart Product Design Fundamentals
Duration - 2 weeks, November 2019
Skills - software design, event-driven programming, integration, debugging

Through this experience, I was able to put my mechatronics fundamentals into practice. Our team consisted of four Stanford mechanical engineering graduate students. Each of us specialized in a particular aspect of the project— mechanical, electrical, or software design. 

As a software lead, I focused on developing state diagrams and code for various modules, such as registering "attacks" and driving the HP and timer servos. All code was written in C. I supported the other subsystems during the integration process, such as prototyping the physical structure out of cardboard, assembling our final design, calibrating the movement of our servos in software, and troubleshooting bugs in behavior. During my spare time, I handled the visual design of the overall arcade machine, which included painting the 3D character models and lasercutting custom instructions panels, so that its appearance would entice passerby to test out our machine.

Watch our gameplay video below or visit our project website to learn more! 

Instructional video for the Extreme Combat Simulator arcade machine

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