bronze stamps with a koi fish and flower design stamping a brown envelope with a wax red seal
Course - ME203 - Design and Manufacturing
Materials - brass, bronze, silver, steel, walnut
Skills - rastering, casting, milling, turning, brazing
Through this experience, I was able to practice a wide array of manufacturing techniques and bring a project to life from concept to creation. 
I designed my wooden pattern board to handle two stamp molds at a time, so that I could halve the number of times I had to cast. I redesigned these molds several times to ensure that any fine details (i.e. letters, fish scales) would not collapse in the sand mold and ruin the bronze casting. 
If I were to redo this project, I would redesign my pouring cup to have a thinner bottom layer in order to  melt the wax over a candle with greater time efficiency. 
—win '17
Initial idea
Rough sketching
CAD model (Solidworks)
Stamp design
Pattern board
Casting in progress
Sand mold vs. Pattern board
Fresh casting
Multiple castings
Completed stamp head vs. Stamp
Turning cup
Brazing lug to cup
Turning handles
Melting wax in cup over a candle
Close Up: Pouring cup
Close Up: Wax seal details
Instructions: (1) Pour melted wax (2) Press stamp on wax
Close Up: Interchangeable stamp heads
Final product
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