Course - ME14AX - Design for Silver and Bronze
Duration - 3 weeks, September 2018
Materials - wax, bronze, silver
Skills - investment casting, raising, planishing, annealing, brazing, piercing, polishing

As an Arts Intensive program assistant, I helped manage this 3-week summer course for 13 students to study and practice silversmithing. Meanwhile, I also had the opportunity to learn this craft through three main projects: a ring, a pair of earrings, and a cup. My goal was to design beautiful, unique pieces that I could use regularly. 

To create the ring, earrings, and cup handle, I created a series of sketches, carved the desired shapes out of wax, performed lost-wax casting, and polished the final pieces. The cup itself was formed from a bronze plate with the help of three artisans from the Comité Colbert association. After brazing the handle to the cup, the teacup was sent off to be silver-plated. 

Overall, this was an extremely fun experience. I deeply respect artisans for the skill and labor required by these traditional metal forming techniques. 
Superhero Ring
natural lighting
Doorway Hoops
pop-up showcase
Wishbone Tea Cup
Handle sketches
Wax carving
Fresh casting
Raising process
Raising / planishing / annealing
Brazing handle to cup
Bronze cup, silver handle
Silver-plated cup
manufacturing process

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