Course - CS377E - Designing Solutions to Global Grand Challenges
Duration - 10 weeks, Spring 2019
Skills - needfinding, wireframing, rapid prototyping, Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma

Young adults currently feel less connected to nature, and thus lack personal initiative to make environmentally-friendly decisions. Enter Tinyplanet. Tinyplanet is a mobile app encouraging users to make environmental commitments in a rewarding, reflective, and goal-oriented manner.

Let your virtual planet reflect your real life habits and knowledge, while receiving rewards for personal growth.
Our four-person team applied a human-centered design approach to solve global design challenges using AI. We developed TinyPlanet from concept to a medium-fidelity prototype using Figma. My main contributions included (1) conducting user research, (2) initial wireframing and prototyping, (3) designing user interface screens, and (4) creating custom icons and graphics. 
Winner of the Best Interaction Design award (Top Prize) at the 2019 Stanford Human-Centered AI Expo.  
For more information, please visit our project website or view our poster
Feel free to try out our medium-fidelity prototype using Figma! 
Design Process
Needfinding - Empathy map
Experience Prototype
Low-fi: Paper Prototype
Design process: low-fi paper prototype and med-fi prototype iterations.
Med-fi: Final design
Med-fi: AI Component

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